In addition to great cost savings and pure beer enjoyment when  brewing at PICKLED PIG BREWERY, there are many other  environmental benefits you may be less aware of.

95% of beer is water, you will be pleased to note that at PICKLED PIG BREWERY, we are extremely conscious about reducing water waste. Some interesting facts:

  1. Beers brewed at PICKLED PIG BREWERY UTILISE less water than those produced at a commercial brewery thanks to our use of maLt extract. The reason for this is that the mashing process (where breweries traditionally convert the malted barley into wort) is highly water intensive. This process is done for us by a leading brewery in New Zealand (and they have heaps of water!) and as such our water usage is greatly reduced.
  2. The water used at pickled pig brewery is double filtered in to start the brewing process with as pure as possible water.
  3. All water used even in cleaning is double filtered
  4. All water discharged from the PICKLED PIG BREWERY is CONTROLLED AND FILTERED  before going down the drain
  5. We recycle as much as we can and use recycled cartons,  six pack holders and use organic  cleaning solutions through out where possible.

We promote  recycling by re-using and refilling your bottles at Pickled Pig Brewery, as opposed to purchasing and discarding commercial beer bottles, you are significantly reducing your impact on the environment.

We will organically  rinse and sterilise  your bottles –  any size, tall ones , old ones , screw tops and even commercial beer bottles – lets give these commercial bottles a taste of what beer should taste like!!

Please ensure bottles are cleaned before arriving for re-filling.



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