The Glass – Get a proper beer glass; one that’s a good full shape and curves in a little at the top to trap the beer’s aromas.

The Beer – Beer is never better than when it is delivered from the brewer. It does not improve with age; in fact, over time it will lose some of the crispness of its flavour.


The Temperature – This varies with personal taste and with the style of beer. For most Australian lager-style beers, something around typical household refrigerator temperatures (2 to 3 degrees celcious) is fine.

Pouring – Slosh some beer into the bottom of the glass to form a head. Then gently pour the beer directly onto the foam to break any large bubbles and pack the head. Leave for a short period to “age” the foam, then tilt the glass and fill carefully. Straighten the glass as it fills and keep pouring until the head just froths over the rim of the glass.

Tip: The bitterness of the hops tends to be most concentrated in the foam of the head, so if you like a good hit of hops to jolt the tastebuds, give yourself a more generous head and sip the beer through it


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